Frontiers Research Topics

Editors: Merletti, R., Disselhorst-Klug, C., Rymer, W. Z., Campanini, I.

Physiotherapy (PT), physical and rehabilitation medicine, and neurology are among the branches of clinical practice with the strongest and fastest growing interactions with physiology, physics and neurorehabilitation engineering. This is creating growth pains and a large gap between the available knowledge and measurement techniques and their use in the current clinical practice. In times of limited resources, the future perspective and developments of these specialties will increasingly depend on the evidence supporting the effectiveness of preventive and therapeutic interventions in the light of Evidence Based Rehabilitation (EBR). Surface EMG (sEMG) is one of the tools providing such evidence.

The sEMG field is representative of the situation, with over 700 publications/year, 90 review papers and a dozen textbooks, contrasting with the limited clinical use and almost no teaching in the PT schools of most countries. The purpose of this project is to review and discuss the reasons for this situation that is in contrast with the rapid spreading of ECG and EEG over 60 years ago.


Surface Electromyography, sEMG, Clinical Applications, Neurorehabilitation Engineering, Teaching, Knowledge Transfer, Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy Schools, Rehabilitation Medicine Schools, Dynamic EMG, Gait Analysis.


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